6 Hats

6 Hats

Animated Video


The Story
The inspiration behind this video is based on the brand identity of 6 HATS contemporary consulting agency. The hats representing six different thinking styles worked as the starting point for a brainstorming session in order to build a concept.
The hat used as a logo is a Bowler hat that many iconic people or characters have wore or wear. From people with power like Winston Churchil or actors like Charlie Chaplin, to fictious characters like Mr. Potato, Leopold Bloom, Hercules Poirot and villains like Oddjob and Ridley.
There are so many examples that almost everyone of us have someone on mind. Semantically Mr. Potato can be perceived as the judgmental character in Toy Story, or Hercules Poirot the detective that searches for the facts, or Charlie Chaplin as the comedian that encourages people to have a positive view even when things are bad.
So, based on Six Thinking Hats technique and iconic characters wearing a Bowler hat we created this video. We chose six different iconic characters that represent each of the six thinking styles.

Can you guess the characters?


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