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The Story

Welcome to Beat, the leading taxi service app in Greece, proudly affiliated with FREENOW. In 2021, Beat collaborated with Mozzarella Studio to create a standalone web app exclusively for taxi drivers. This innovative web app was designed to provide drivers with a comprehensive view of their priority points.

The priority points system was introduced as a new rewarding program, considering various factors. Among them, the most significant was the utilization of the service during rush hours when the drivers typically didn’t require the app. In response to this initiative, Mozzarella Studio developed a dedicated web app to cater to the specific needs of taxi drivers participating in the program.

The app empowered drivers by offering them valuable insights into their performance. It allowed them to assess how their vehicles were evaluated, taking into account factors such as condition, age, and emissions. Additionally, drivers could check their ranking compared to other drivers, gaining a competitive perspective. Moreover, the app provided detailed information on their earnings and points accumulated in the previous month, enabling drivers to track their progress effectively.

Through this collaboration, our aim was to deliver a user-friendly and informative web app that enhanced the experience of Beat’s taxi drivers. By providing essential information and facilitating performance tracking, we sought to support drivers in maximizing their participation in the priority points program and optimizing their overall performance on the platform.




For this project we worked closely with the Beat team so we can get a clear view on the requirements and goal of this service. We used the research provided by Beat and starting creating mockups that solve the different needs that were provided to us. 


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