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The Story
Butlair is a startup company founded on 2016 in Athens Greece. It is personal concierge service that connects travellers with a team of local experts through Instant Messaging applications. Butlair helps travellers find anything they need while in Greece and have personalised suggestions tailored to their needs.
The concept is based on the traveller’s need to avoid tourist traps and experience a city like a local. This becomes available by bringing travellers and a team of local experts together through chatting. Even if it sounds simple, this was a novel idea that travellers might not have experienced before and we had to communicate it to them.

“You don’t have to download an app to use the service. You can communicate with your Butlair like you do with your friends, through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & WeChat.”

A brand identity that breathes hospitality

We created a logo that brings out the simplicity and the easiness in using the service. It represents the connection between travellers and local experts that occurs through chat communication. The use of colours language and shapes were carefully selected to create a welcoming feeling to the user.

A series of banners were created for online advertising purposes.

An ongoing design process

We have worked on this project from idea stage to user testing and ongoing support mode. Our goal was to find the best way to describe the service to travellers. Many different phrases and visuals were tested to find the ones that worked better. This appears on the banners which the company used on their advertising campaigns as well as the cards and leaflets which they use inside partnering hotels and bnbs to inform travellers about the service.

The final design for the website was selected based on feedback from potential users and design trends at that time of launch.


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