UX Design


The Story
Collaborate is a patient CRM & collaboration tool that brings doctors and patients together. It is a tool that wants to help doctors avoid potential errors and make sure that patients follow their therapy.
The CRM allows doctors get assistance from other doctors with different expertice, eliminate calls and emails and not to mention privacy violations. At the same time the Patient Portal helps patients stay connected with their doctor online, keep track of their appointments and their therapy.

An Innovative Service  in the Health Care Sector


For this project we worked closely with the Collaborate Team and spent time to understand doctors everyday routine and communication with other doctors and patients.

UX Design

We wanted to create a friendly environment that is easy to use from both novice and advanced doctors, a tool they will use intuitively in their daily routine.

At the same time the patients portal had to be designed for a broad range of users (patients, parents of young children, care givers of elderly)

Mobile Application


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