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The Story
The objective of the client was to create a website in order to inform the patients on the importance of regular checks and encourage them to visit the clinic. After the initial brief, we interviewed some of the patients & got some feedback. It became evident that the website needed to be friendly, simple & elegant.
For this reason we decided to use a simpler language and less images of cancer so that it is more appealing to the patients. Also, we made sure to highlight the very experienced staff of the clinic as well as the state of the art equipment and facilities.

We need to make prevention against breast cancer a habit

The use of language and the structure of information make navigation simple. The use of pale warm colours and images creates a welcoming atmosphere to the user. Prevention against breast cancer is very important and we need to make annual checkup a habit.

We created an information leaflet that shares the same aesthetic as the website. This includes information about breast diseases, osteoporosis, ways of prevention and medical check-ups.


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