Foresite Eldercare Dashboard



UX Design


The Story
Foresite Eldercare is a service provided to eldercares in the US. It uses hardware that is set in the residents room in order to track their daily activity and vitals. The data captured is then visualized in a form easy to understand by nurses and informs them for any deviation in their vitals. The system uses algorithms that combine the data captured by the sensors to predict residents’ future health and informs nurses about possible “conditions”.
Through an analysis on their walking behaviour the system makes predictions on the possibility of falling down and rates residents into low, mid and high risk of fall and sends alerts to nurses if someone falls down. The system is mainly used by nurses in a daily basis and data scientists that analyze the data captured by the sensors in order to translate them in useful information.

An Innovative Service in the Eldercare Sector


For this project we worked closely with the different user groups that use the system in order to understand their daily routine and needs from the system. We used observation and interviews as tools to build our understanding around the physical and digital context of use.

UX Design

We tried to reduce the amount of information that the nurses see on their shift to the minimum and make a web application that is easy to use.

Users can navigate quickly among different residents profile and have a briefly view on their health condition. By clicking on the different tiles of information, nurses can have access to more in depth information and videos of the residents’ walking behaviour.



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