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The Story

This project is featuring a Greek olive oil company. Our main objective was to establish a strong connection between the company and its geographical roots. To achieve this, we carefully selected a name and designed a logo inspired by the area where the olive oil company is based.

Drawing inspiration from the rich mythology surrounding the region, we chose the name “Myles,” paying homage to the first son of the mythical king of Laconia. This name not only captures the essence of the company’s heritage but also adds a touch of intrigue and fascination.

The concept of a milestone played a pivotal role in our design approach. We incorporated this symbolism into the bottle design, creating a distinct line at the bottom that allows the olive oil inside to be visible. This unique feature not only showcases the quality of the oil but also adds a visually appealing element to the packaging.

Continuing the narrative established by the name and bottle design, the website guides visitors on an engaging and interactive journey. The website is designed to create a sense of exploration, encouraging users to explore various sections and experience the captivating visuals and informative content. By incorporating movement and interactivity, we aim to captivate and engage viewers, providing them with an immersive and memorable online experience.

Through a comprehensive branding approach, we have successfully created a cohesive and captivating project that showcases the essence of the Greek olive oil company while captivating the audience with a compelling narrative and an interactive website experience.

We wanted to design a website that gives viewers a bit of a taste of Greek Summer

The main goal of the project was to make it simple and easy for users to focus on the main information and navigate through the website, as well as rework UI to make it more modern and eye-catching.


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