Tour Application

UI/UX Design


The Story
This is a concept for a mobile application that we created for an imaginary company called Nautilus. The app wants to promote tours from all over the world starting from those that are near the user.
The user can browse tours or destinations by swiping left or right inside the different lists of the app. The user doesn’t have to sign up in order to use the app. They are prompted to sign up as soon as they click the Book Now button.

Product Design

We designed an app that is easy to use and has a modern feeling. There is extensive use of white spaces that separate the information. The images play a major role in most of the app screens in order to inspire travelling.

The search button is stick on the top right corner of the home screen. All the lists in the app are accessible in the same way by swiping left or right.The app menu appears on scroll app so we can take advantage of all the screen size.

The user can navigate in the map as they do in google maps (move, zoom) and select the dot they want. The point of the map moves when the user swipes the tours on the list.
The menu is hidden in the destination screen.

An Underwater Tour App Concept

The Tour home screen has the information on a card with a handle. The handle indicates that I can move it up or down. When I move it up the image in the backround hides so the user can read information about it. By clicking on Show Gallery or swiping the card down the image becomes fullscreen. The Book Button is always visible so the user can click on it anytime they want.

The slashes are similar to Instagram Stories and indicate the number of images in the gallery. The user can either swipe left or right or tap on the slash to move the slideshow forward.

The phone menu turns from semitransparent to white and the name of the tour sticks on the top. All the tour information roll bellow this card. 

The card with additional information about the tour opens from the bottom to indicate the options the user has.

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