Product Design


The Story
Daily Operations is a Maintenance Management Software for Companies. It is a service that digitises most of the process that need to be done at the maintenance sector of a company. The software allows companies digitise forms that need to be filled daily or under specific situations.
Manage assets and their suppliers, assign work to people and teams of people and track the process of things that need to be done. This service has both an Android App and a Web App. The Android App has less functionalities than the Web App and emphasises mostly at processes that are necessary on location.

Product Design

We got involved in this project from the very beginning and worked closely with the people of Tekmon Company. We developed a design system that was followed throughout the whole software and a consistent approach to the different functions of the app in order to help users get used to it easily.

Using basic gestures like swipe the user can navigate quickly through the Operations screen and have an overview of all actions that she has to do.

In most cases the entities are interconnected and are frequently used in tasks. All this information is categorised into tabs followed by all the required Call To Actions.

Maintenance Management Software for Companies


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