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Introducing Tekmon Web Application, the desktop version of the powerful Daily Operations software. Designed to streamline and optimize business processes, this application empowers companies to effectively monitor their assets, manage product orders, and seamlessly handle daily operations. The desktop version of Tekmon Web Application is specifically tailored for managers, offering an intuitive platform to oversee various working groups within the organization. With this comprehensive tool, managers can effortlessly track the progress of assigned tasks and ensure smooth operations across the company. One of the standout features of Tekmon Web Application is the asset manager, which provides companies with real-time visibility into the whereabouts, quantities, and condition of their assets. This feature enables companies to maintain strict control over their valuable resources and stay informed about asset status at all times.
Furthermore, Tekmon Daily Operations Web App equips users with the ability to create customizable forms that are automatically filled upon task completion. This functionality enhances efficiency and accuracy in data collection, eliminating the need for manual form filling and reducing the risk of errors. With Tekmon Web Application, businesses gain a powerful tool to streamline operations, enhance asset management, and ensure effective task allocation and monitoring. Experience the convenience and control provided by this feature-rich desktop application, tailored to meet the needs of modern enterprises.

Maintenance Management Software for Companies


We got involved in this project from the very beginning and worked closely with the people of Tekmon Company. We spent time to understand the different types of companies that use the system as well as the different levels of admission.


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