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Track & Trace

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The Story

Introducing Track n Trace, an Athens-based startup company specializing in the development of a cutting-edge tracking system for business-to-business (B2B) parcel transportation across Greece.

To establish a strong visual identity, we derived inspiration from the company name itself. By incorporating the initial letters “T” and “T” from Track n Trace, we crafted a distinctive logo that takes the form of a squared “T.” This unique design element allows the logo to stand independently, making it versatile for various applications.


We ensured the logo’s versatility by ensuring it can be effectively utilized in both black and white formats. Additionally, the design can be used as a cutout, enabling seamless integration across different mediums and applications.

Our goal was to create a logo that not only represents the essence of Track n Trace but also possesses a timeless appeal. By combining simplicity, versatility, and a memorable visual identity, we have successfully created a logo that captures the essence of the company and can adapt to diverse branding needs.

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